Welcome to Maven AGI for developers

Leverage Maven AGI to build AI-powered enterprise applications

The Maven AGI platform is a powerful tool for building AI-powered applications. It provides a enterprise-grade platform API that allows you to build, train, and deploy AI agents in a scalable and secure way.

Default Solutions for Most Customers

For most customers, writing custom apps isn’t necessary. Maven AGI offers a variety of apps within the App Marketplace that provide a seamless integration with all major platforms. These solutions are designed to minimize the need for custom development, allowing you to quickly leverage the power of AI without the overhead of building from scratch.

Using the API

While default solutions meet the needs of most customers, the Maven AGI platform also supports custom app development for more specific or complex requirements. Developers can use the platform API to create bespoke applications tailored to unique business needs.

API Offerings

Platform API

Build apps on the Maven AGI platform

Partners API

Create and manage AI agents on Maven AGI

Coming soon

Developers API

Manage your apps directly via APIs.

Coming soon