Configuration and Integration

GitHub Integration

Learn how to integrate your app with GitHub for automatic code commits on deployment.

Integrating your app with GitHub allows for seamless version control and automatic commits to your repository when you deploy code from the developer portal. This integration ensures that your code changes are tracked and synchronized with your GitHub repository.

Commits made directly to the repository will not be automatically deployed. You must use the developer portal to explicitly deploy the new code.


Before setting up GitHub integration, you need to install the Maven AGI GitHub App to your repository. This app allows the developer portal to make automatic commits on your behalf. Follow these steps to install the app:

Go to the Maven AGI GitHub App page to install the app to your repository.

Setting Up GitHub Integration

To set up GitHub integration, you need to provide a GitHub repository URL in the app settings page. This URL should be in the format<org or user>/<repo-name>.

How It Works

When you deploy your code from the developer portal, the integrated GitHub feature will automatically create a commit in your linked GitHub repository. This commit will include all the changes made in the code editor, ensuring that your repository stays up to date with the latest version of your code.