App Development

Best Practices

Learn about best practices for developing your app, including routing techniques and library usage.

To develop robust and maintainable apps, it’s important to follow best practices.

Using a Routing Library

If your app’s handleRequest function needs to manage multiple routes or handle complex request logic, it’s advisable to use a routing library like Hono. Hono is a lightweight and fast router for JavaScript and TypeScript, making it an excellent choice for handling routes in a structured way.

Example: Using Hono for Routing

Here’s an example of how you can use Hono to set up routing in your handleRequest function.

  1. Add Hono to your app dependencies: Add “hono” to your app’s dependencies in your package.json file.

  2. Set Up Routing in handleRequest:

    1import {Hono} from 'hono'
    3const app = new Hono()
    5// Define routes
    6app.get('/hello', c => {
    7 return c.text('Hello, world!')
    9'/data', async c => {
    11 const data = await c.req.json()
    12 // Handle the data
    13 return c.json({message: 'Data received', data})
    16export default {
    17 async handleRequest({request,}, ctx) {
    18 return await app.fetch(request, process.env, ctx)
    19 },
    20 // Other handlers...